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EF Terms of Service - MUST READ - Empty EF Terms of Service - MUST READ -

Post by ShadoWolfozo on Fri Sep 02, 2011 3:02 pm

These are exactly the same as those on the adoptable Elemental Fangs Site and apply here as well.

Terms of Service

Administrators try their best to keep things under control and remove unwanted content, however on a large scale this is impossible to fully keep track and you are required to aid them by making sure anything said in the shoutbox or via pm's by you, is respective to all members and does not go against the code.

Please refrain from posting personnal infomation on this site (shoutbox) as it will be visible for everyone and there are creepy people on the internet.

Any reported messages/shouts with the following content will be immediatelly deleted and the author punished.
• Aggressive messages, insults or unwanted critics
• Forbidden infomation from other sites
-Is this infomation forbidden on that site? Don't show it here.
-Show the address of the site to respect the sites makers if you MUST post about that site.
-Myadopts.com is an exception.
• Spam (includes countless Shouts or random PM's)
-They are useless, unwanted and unpleasant.
• Make an effort on grammar and spelling, we do not appreciate 'txt tlk'.
• Messages that promote illegal practices
• Messages with links to viruses, etc.

Administrators have access to all members' IP addresses in the case for the need of legal action, and a reminder you wont get away with it.

• By registering on this site you agree to abide by all rules and regulations set by administrators of this website for the benefit of all members.
• You accept that any unruly behaviour that goes against code will result in your account suspended and banned.
• You acknowledge that the internet is a public space and anything you may post is visible to everyone registered and non-registered.
• You grant moderators/administrators the ability to delete or edit any message you make.

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