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Post by ShadoWolfozo on Thu Sep 15, 2011 1:14 pm

If you think your pet is strong enough to battle against other opponents then you can come here into the Battling subforum and battle others.
To do that however, you need an opponent and there are several ways in which you can obtain opponents.

The first is the find someone you want to battle and PRIVATE MESSAGE that person.
Private Messages should be in the form or similar to:

Form - this is only a template to give you an idea of what you must name when challenging someone by PM:
Will you accept my (Single/Multi/etc.) Battle challenge?

Username: (your username)
My Pet/s:
Weapons: (that you will be using)
Armour: (that you will be using)

Battle Type: (see below)
Number of rolls: (only if multi/no bonus)
Number of pets: (only if multiple pet/clan/no bonus)

They MUST accept the challenge before anything can be done.
Once accepted and planned and agreed upon, PRIVATE MESSAGE the Battle Master and he/she will set up a Battle Thread for you.
See the Battling forum's infomation for more info on the Battle Master.

There are various types of battles you can do.
Single battles are the main one.
-You both use DIFFERENT Battle Die and roll two of them.
-You use only 1 adoptable each
-Weapons/Defence is allowed

Multi Battles
-Both players use one adoptable
-Both players can use weapons/defence
-Fighter 1 rolls ONCE, fighter 2 rolls ONCE, fighter 1 rolls again, fighter 2 rolls again - etc. for the allocated number of rolls.
You can not change this number half way through the battle.
Count up all results and add on the adoptables weapon/defences bonus.

Multi Pet Battles / Clan Battles
-Players have the SAME number of pets
-Weapons and defence is allowed
Fighter 1 rolls for their first pet, and so does fighter 2, then for their 2nd and 3rd and etc. 1st pet vs 1st is considered 1 fight.
Winner is the one who wins the most fights.

No Bonuses
-Players use any number of pets but each player must have the same amount of pets.
-Any number of rolls
-Weapons and Defence is NOT allowed.
-This is a game of chance.

Of course, you can always make up your own rules if you'd rather play differently. However, both of you must agree and the Battle Master must find it fair and acceptable for both fighters.

If however, you would rather set up an open challenge for anyone to accept than post a thread in this subforum.
You must include in the first post, what kind of battle you will accept and the pets you will fight with/weapons you'll include/use.

When you fight people, be sure to add the battles in that post, and who won/lost.
If you retire or go 'on holiday' (not fighting for a while) be sure to put that in the title and post!

Now go be the best Very Happy

ShadoWolfozo, founder of the website Smile
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